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Get in touch with us to improve living and health conditions within your home.  We will survey your home and provide recommendations to enhance your indoor air quality.

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1. Evaluate

Once you have contacted the team at York Ventilation Service we will arrange a time to review your concerns.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate  to contact us on 01904 701117

2. Discuss Options

On reviewing your situation, whether its, damp, mould, asthma, allergies or generally home air quality our ventilation expert will help you make the correct decision for your home.

3. Install

Prior to installation we will confirm timings and ensure we continue to communicate every step of the way.  Our installer will ensure you fully understand how your new system will work.

J & M Birberk

Installation Of PIV System

Hi Peter & Victoria

Many thanks for installing the PIV last week.  You might not believe it however the effect was immediate.  Friday morning there was no condensation on any of the windows whatsoever.

After a couple of cold nights, there is still no condensation on any of the windows.  The air feels fresher and the humidity monitors that we have in the house have dropped significantly.  Thank you again for your professional courtesy and service that has been shown throughout the whole sales and installation process.  We would certainly recommend you and your company to anyone.

Mrs Picardi

Mould And Condensation Problems

No condensation on the windows and mould did not come back.


Condensation In Bathroom

“We are delighted with the new fan and this morning, after all the showers, there was absolutely no condensation in the bathroom which is excellent.”

Mr & Mrs Chapman

Condensation In Bathroom

Peter has installed the fan beautifully.  It is extremely neat and really keeps the bathroom clear of condensation after showers.

Peter cleaned up meticulously after the work and we are very pleased with  the finished job

Jonathan and Belinda G

Condensation problems in Kitchen & Bathroom

An outstanding service  – We were very pleased with the results. Thank you for leaving the kitchen cleaner than when you arrived!

Grace Collum

Bad condensation on windows and mould.

Early days but have already seen a huge improvement.  Minimal if any condensation on windows and laundry is drying faster.
Pete is lovely and a very tidy worker.  We have been recommending this to friends with similar problems in their homes.

Elizabeth Grant

Condensation on windows and upstairs ceiling

Great service, all work was carried out quickly and everything was left very tidy afterwards.  Within 36 hours the condensation had gone.  Really pleased.

Simon Simpson

Mould And Condensation

After just 1 night the windows were dry this morning, and the condensation has gone.  Fantastic!
Peter, you did a great job and left the bungalow as you found it, not like some tradesmen.

12/10 Fantastic.

Claire Craven

Damp Problems
We had a serious damp and mould problem due to condensation.
Once the vent was fitted, we noticed a difference after a couple of days.  After a week we have had no condensation in all the rooms.

Jen Sherwood and Stuart Goldsmith

We’d struggled for years with really bad condensation on our windows and doors in the colder months. We had tried everything to help it ourselves without success.
Since having our ventilation system installed we haven’t had a spot of condensation!
The house smells fresher as well. Thank you!

J Farbrother

The new fan is quieter than the original and has more capacity to extract from the bathroom and kitchen if required.
I am very pleased with the product and the standard of workmanship.

Mr & Mrs Rowell

First class service – helpful, well informed and efficient. Our ventilation system now works well for the first time since installation.
Thank you!

Lisa Williams

“After contacting York ventilation Services we had a new ventilation system installed. we noticed the improvement in the air immediately. The house smell was fresh, clean like a window had been left open but the temperature of the house was not affected, it was still warm and cosy.
The walls are completely free of mould, usually, this would reappear.”

Ben Brannigan

A Lot of condensation on windows and spots of mould forming on the walls

Within 2 days the morning condensation we were getting had completely gone!

The air feels fresher too.

we would (and have) highly recommend.

Pete was fantastic, professional and friendly