Asthma & Allergies

There are millions of people in the UK currently suffering from asthma, around 1 in 12 adults* and 1 in 11 children*.  The UK has one of the highest rates in Europe for sufferers and in 2016 over 14,000* people died from Asthma.

One of the main triggers known to aggravate asthma and eczema symptoms is the house dust mite and their droppings. When they come into contact with our skin or are inhaled, allergic reactions can be caused. As well as eczema, other dust mite allergy symptoms include; watering eyes, itching, sneezing and a runny nose.

Dust mites thrive in humid conditions, as their only source of water is from the air. If a home has a high level of humidity it becomes a perfect breeding ground for dust mites. The higher the humidity, the faster they will breed.

Unfortunately, dust mites cannot be totally eliminated, no matter how clean our homes are.  However, ensuring that there is a continuous supply of adequate ventilation will be the quickest and most effective method of reducing dust mites.

* Asthma UK

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