Improve Indoor Air Quality

PIV Systems

PIV is a fit-and-forget technology that requires minimal energy to run and minimum effort to maintain. They filter fresh air into all rooms and force out moist stale air through natural cracks and leakage points in the home, such as trickle vents on windows and keyholes in doors and replaces it with good quality air.

The heating element in the system moderates the airflow on entering the property. The result is improved air quality and a healthy living environment in which condensation cannot exist. The stale air is then replaced with fresh filtered air. The PIV unit is generally fitted within the loft space of a property but we can also install units that have been specifically designed for flats/apartments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PIV Systems

Are PIV units any good?

100% customer feedback say it is.  See our reviews here…

Do PIV units make the house cold?

No we use a PIV with a heater.  The air from the loft is tempered by the PIV unit.  This means that when the air is cold outside/in the loft the heater within the unit will ensure the air filtered into the home is maintained at a set temperature.  When it is hot in the loft the unit goes into standby mode.  Condensation is only formed when the temperature differs dramatically from inside to outside.  When it is 27° the unit goes onto standby, this isn’t often the case in the UK.

What does a piv unit do?

Introduces filter air into the property from a ventilated loft space forcing out stale moist air, which create condensation in turn leading to black spot mould.

Will a PIV stop condensation on windows?

A Positive Input Ventilation system introduces filtered air into the property from a ventilated loft space forcing out stale moist air, as this is what creates condensation and in turn leading to black spot mould.

How long does a PIV unit take to work?

Sometimes it is noticeable overnight and can depend on the size of the property, the amount of condensation and contaminated air.

Is a positive input ventilation system expensive to run?

There is no exact price costs daily, due to external factors such as the temperature outside, however, it is pence.  Also in winter you don’t need to open windows, thus saving money on heating bills.