Condensation And Mould Problems

If condensation occurs over a prolonged period of time, other signs will start to appear such as damp patches on walls, streaming windows, peeling wallpaper, black mould growth and a musty smell on clothes in wardrobes.  The most common form of dampness is probably condensation, its presence can aggravate or trigger health problems such as asthma.

Our energy-efficient condensation control units reduce humidity and stop condensation on windows to provide healthy and fresh indoor environments.

Mould Problems

Mould is a type of fungus and there are a number of homes in the UK that suffer from it and condensation problems. It can appear anywhere from walls to mattresses. Mould can grow on any material as long as it has oxygen and moisture. It can cause health problems such as nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing or skin irritation, which can then lead to more serious health risks.  Unless the problem is dealt with professionally mould will come back time and time again. Our ventilation systems will eradicate the mould by removing excess moisture in your home.

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