Benefits of having a ventilation system installed in your home...

Four summarised benefits of having a ventilation system installed in your home.

1. Reduced costs. As the system relies on natural forces, you’ll save significantly on your building’s energy consumption and therefore save significantly on your energy bills.
2. Low maintenance. It does not require costly maintenance, there is no time and effort wasted.
3. Cleaner air. The system ensures that clean air is always flowing throughout your home. This will improve your air quality, which, in turn, will improve the health of the occupants and increase productivity and concentration levels.
4. Consistency. It ensures that each room is supplied with the right amount of both cool and warm air, keeping the temperature constant and at a pleasant level. This also removes the need to constantly adjust the system.

Asthma Sufferers
Asthma UK says that if you have asthma, you’re more at risk from poor air quality indoors, especially if you spend a lot of time at home. Many common indoor pollutants are small enough to get into the lungs and make your asthma symptoms worse.

Common triggers from indoors are;
• House dust mites
• Animal fur
• Pollen
• Tobacco smoke
• Mould and fungi

If there is anyone in your home that suffers from asthma it is worth investing in a whole house ventilation system which will bring in a constant flow of fresh, filtered, clean air into your home and thus reducing the allergens.

Hayfever Sufferers

Hayfever is a medical condition that is evident by stuffy and runny noses, sneezing, and itchy skin, mouth or eyes. The sufferer can also have signs of fatigue, mainly from sneezing or nasal issues throughout the day and at night time.

The most common causes of hayfever are outdoor allergens, particularly pollen from trees, grasses, wildflowers, and weeds. However, indoor allergens can also be a trigger. These include pet dander, dust mites, perfume, cigarette smoke, and mould.

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